Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All Sorts of Random Stuff

Yo peeps :)  It's Tuesday and you know what that means...it is my day to get totally random!!

**We might move...again...this time it is only across town to a different house.  I'm so hoping it works out!  We got offered an on-post house.  Being on-post would be so much better in a lot of ways.

**This morning on the way home from the store, I saw a guy mowing his lawn.  Dude was wearing pointy-toed cowboy boots and smoking a cigarette.  He was also about 900 years old.  It was an odd sight.

**Anyone else notice that pretty much all Rascal Flats songs for like the last 5 years sound exactly the same?

**Heard that "Little White Church" song?  Baby Girl loves to dance to that song.  It is pretty freakin' adorable.

**A tropical vacation sounds really good.

**I love that football season is almost here.  Yay football!

**Whoever is holding the laundry fairy hostage needs to release her!  I did 6 freakin' loads of laundry yesterday and it exhausted me.

Well, that's all the random for today.  Hope ya'll had a great Tuesday!

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