Friday, December 10, 2010

Sport Parents

Oldest Kiddo and Middle Kiddo are playing basketball.  They are loving it.  This is their first time playing hoops with a team.  I've been attempting to teach them the basics since they were born so they aren't too bad.  All in all, they are having fun.

Did you catch that last part?  They are having fun!  That's what playing sports at this age is all about.  (Well, learning the basics is part of it as well, but fun is the number one priority in my opinion.)  Apparently, I am in the minority on this one.  I am continually appalled at how parents behave during games and practices.

Here's the deal.  I signed my kids up to play a sport.  I did not sign up to coach.  Therefore, I assume that the guy (or gal) that introduced himself (or herself) as Coach So-and-So has it all under control.  They don't need my help from the bleachers.  In fact, the coach will probably have better luck with my kids if I am quiet.  During practice, I am invisible.  The reality of it is that I'm only there in case my kid gets hurt.  (Don't get me wrong, I watch my kids but I do not do anything to attract their attention.)  During games, I am nothing more than a cheerleader.  If my kid does something awesome, I cheer.  Otherwise, I sit and watch the game.

I am so sick of seeing and hearing parents yelling at their kids from the stands.  I had to remind one guy last week that our kids' game was a family friendly environment so his yelling at his daughter to grab the "damned ball" was unacceptable.  It's just ridiculous.  If I were a kid of parents like that, I'd be embarrassed.  I hold my kids a pretty high standard when it comes to their behavior in public.  I've always felt that in order for them to meet that standard I have to set the example.  (Monkey see, monkey do)  

So, what do you guys think?  When did parents behaving poorly at 6 year old's games become ok?  Why do parents do this sort of stuff?  Obviously, the 5 minute "Parents you need to behave" class they make us take before allowing our kids to participate isn't working.  So, how do we stop this trend?

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  1. Teach the kids right ;) Like your kids will probably be good sports parents - that guy's kids will not. Parents need to realize how much of an influence they have on their kiddos! When they get to me, their habits are sometimes so set in stone that it's crazy (not that they can't change, but it is tough to teach stuff like that.) Good job :)


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