Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One of These Days...

I swear that one of these days I'm gonna get it together and remember to blog more regularly.  I totally didn't realize that it had been a week since I lasted blogged.  Well, at least I remembered right in time for our favorite day of the week...

So, let the random begin...

**Sometimes I'm pretty sure hubby sets me up...you know, like putting Baby Girl to bed with ketchup on her face and in her hair.  You moms out there know what happens to ketchup when it is left on a child...the same thing that happens to anything left on a child...it becomes sticky and impossible to remove unless you throw them in the bath.  So yeah, I had to give Baby Girl a bath this morning to get the ketchup out of her hair.

**I need to go buy Band-Aids (because, well, I have kids and they are pretty much walking disasters) but that would require that I get out of my comfy yoga pants.

**Recently, I have been contemplating running.  I get this thought that I should start running.  Don't worry, these moments of insanity are short-lived.

**Football is back!!  Yay!!

**I packed three boxes this weekend.  Oh yeah, I'm totally on a roll.

**I'm currently reading Food, Inc.  Oh wow!  I've read Fast Food Nation, so I figured this book was along the sames lines.  It is.  But still, the disgustingness of food these days is fairly shocking.

**I want a maid, a nanny, a hair stylist and a masseuse...Honestly, I don't ask for much.

Well, I don't see that maid thing happening for me so I'm off to clean the hacienda.  Enjoy this fab Tuesday!

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  1. I just started couch to 5K. It's geared for us lazy folks who think we need more cardi oin our lives.

    And I <3 football!!


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