Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Pottery Anniversary

Did you know that the traditional gift for the 9th anniversary is pottery? Yeah, I didn't until a few minutes ago.  Good God, I hope my husband doesn't bring home pottery...well, unless it's a really pretty pottery vase filled with flowers....

Anyways, it's our ninth anniversary!!  Nine years ago, we were 18!  We stood in front of of family and friends and promised to love each other forever.  Some of those watching us didn't believe we'd make it to our first anniversary, let alone our 9th.  But, whatever, we really couldn't have cared less.

Here we are 9 years ago...

Yep, we were (and still are) pretty freakin' adorable.

Nine years later, I love this man more than ever.  He makes me happy.  He's not perfect but neither am I.  We don't always agree on everything, but at the end of the day we love each other and that trumps everything else.  When we got married, I told him that we were going to be married for 80 years.  So, here's to a fabulous first 9 years and an even more fabulous 71 in front of us :)


  1. Congrats! I was just thinking about your wedding the other day. Love you!

  2. It is the season for weddings and anniversaries!Congratulations and happy anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! I did not know that the 9th anniversary was pottery. Very interesting. Congrats and have 71 more wonderful years!

  4. Happy Anniversary! You both are still freakin' adorable :) Miss you friend!


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