Friday, May 7, 2010

To Snip or Not To Snip...

The hubby and I are having the great debate... snip or not to snip...

We are pretty happy with our family size.  It worked out nicely that we had two boys then almost a six year gap and a little girl.  I would hate to have another boy after her.  But, for some reason, I just can't bring myself to be on the snip side of the debate.

I am not sure why this is.  I am going to be 28 this summer, so I really don't want any more kiddos.  (Not that 28 is old, but I am looking forward to having them all out of the house before I'm 50.)  I really have no desire to have any more kiddos.  I don't know, the whole snip-snip thing is just so permanent.

Isn't it odd that hubby is the one for the big snip?  On TV, it's always the woman who is advocating for it and the man is running around trying to figure out ways to get out of it.  Hubby is actually the one who brought this up.  I have an IUD, so birth control isn't even something I think about.

Anyways, that's where we stand right the middle of the great snip-snip debate...any thoughts?


  1. I'm pretty sure you can reverse the snip :)
    Oh, and I'm going to be like 70 when my kids finally leave the house ;) Actually, I'll prob be around my parents' age (they had me at 32, and then 3 more)...they're like 57 now. And they're hilarious :)

  2. I say snip! Having four is very hard sometimes! But I couldn't see life without all four of my crazy boys! If you want to have another I would suggest keeping there ages close together :) Who knows, you could have another precious little girl!

  3. My hubby was totally for it...until it came time to do the snipping. I was in there with him and I kid you not, he turned green and almost fainted. And that was before he had dropped his drawers. Such a permanent decision, I think you have to know that you are done. I could have had more...but my husband couldn't so we decided to snip away. Good luck on that decision. No regrets!!

  4. I wish your hubby would talk to mine. We've talked about snipping for ages and he keeps saying he's going to do it and then he chickens out. We are both absolutely done having kids, it would make life so much easier he's just being a big chicken about it. I would go and get my tubes tied but I had some surgical issues in the past that give me a great fear of the hospital so it sends me into a panic thinking about getting it done. But to send my husband in for a procedure done in the doctor's office, I'm all for it.

    Good luck making the decision. I bet it'll just come to you one day whether you want to snip or not.


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